Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry and Parent Fuel offer a dual strategy that equips and multiplies the church’s younger generation ministries.

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry produces life-change and equips life-changers through you. This Jesus-Focused approach gives pastors, youth leaders, children’s ministers, volunteers, parents, and students a common vision of Jesus and His ministry, enabling them to:

  1. 1.   Go deeper in intimacy with Christ
    2.   Pray with passion for God’s presence and power
    3.   Build leaders for in-depth and long-term ministry
    4.   Disciple students to move toward maturity in Christ
    5.   Penetrate the culture through relationships.
    6.   Create outreach opportunities to reach students for Christ

Nationally and globally Reach Out follows a distinctive, 3-stage relational process:

    • Introduce: a JFYM Forum launches the process
    • Implement: a one-year coaching process with various options follows the JFYM Forum
    • Multiply: those who implement JFYM equip and multiply others

Repeated over time, more and more leaders and churches reach and disciple teenagers.

Parent Fuel equips parents to love God with all their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same. These resources and training provide parents, churches, and small group leaders every tool and strategy necessary to equip parents to practically pursue God’s parenting purpose. It gives parents all they need to disciple their kids and their kids’ friends. Parent Fuel is designed to multiply small groups of parents throughout the church and community.


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