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Partners like you make it possible for Reach Out to invest in younger generation leaders in over 30 countries.





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How we reach out?

Our Mission

To equip and multiply leaders globally who influence the younger generation to follow Jesus.
Why we reach out?

Our Vision

To influence as many teenagers as possible to follow Jesus.

How can you help?

Because almost half of the world population is under age 25, Reach Out has had a long-term vision and commitment to offer desperately needed training and resources to reach and disciple the younger generation. We need generous givers. Will you join us?
Global Outreach

Kids need Jesus all around the world! They comprise 51% of the world’s population.

Convinced that only Jesus brings life and love to this vast percent of the population around the world, Reach Out equips and multiplies leaders globally to focus on Jesus and His way of doing ministry. Then these leaders reach and disciple the younger generation like He did. Captivated and changed by Him, we believe this generation will make disciples of all nations!

North America

  • 479.1 Million People
  • Primary Religions:
    • 77% Christian
    • 24% No affiliation, including agnostic and atheist
  • Major Languages:
  • English, Spanish, French


  • 604.9 Million People

  • Primary Religions
    • Majority Catholic
    • 9% Evangelical Christian
    • 3% Animist

  • 1,003 People Groups of which 488 are unreached

Sub-Saharan Africa

  • 1 Billion People
    • 62% under the age of 25

  • Primary Religions:
    • 24% Muslim
    • 47% Christian
    • 28% Animist

  • 2,668 People Groups of which 2,237 are unreached

North Africa and the Middle East

  • 505 Million People
    • 8 Million live as refugees
    • 531 Unreached People Groups

  • Primary Religions
    • 81% Muslim
    • 4% Orthodox Christian and Coptic Christian
    • 3% Jewish

South Asia

  • 1.7 Billion People

  • Major Religions:
    • Hinduism
    • Islam
    • Buddhism
    • Sikhism
    • Jainism

  • Every week 237,000 people die without Christ in South Asia
  • 22 Million Evangelical Believers (1.54% of Population)

East Asia

  • 1.7 Billion people
  • 650 People groups
  • 680 Unreached groups

  • Major Religions:
    • Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism, Islam, Folk, Christian

    • The Chinese language has the most native speakers of any language in the world
  • Chinese 917 million
  • Spanish 466 million
  • English 379 million


  • 800 Million people—11% of the World’s Population
  • More than 150 languages spoken
  • Only 1% Evangelical Christian
  • 17% of all refugees are hosted in Europe