Why We Reach Out

Because . . .

An African village needs Jesus

Chismo lives in Chifombo Village in Mozambique. He grew up in the traditions of his village – practicing Nyau dancing, witchcraft, and many other evil practices. In August of last year, Chismo was saved and baptized during a JFYM Forum. Pastor Iwell began discipling him last fall. Since becoming a Christian, God has used Chismo to bring a spiritual awakening to his village. Over the last 5 months, his mother, father, and 25 family members are all believers, as well as 180 villagers who have given their lives to Jesus. They are now meeting together as a new “church” of over 200 newly baptized believers! The salvation of Chismo was certainly a “defining moment” for the people of Chifombo!

Because . . .

Cuban believers want to multiply the church

Last year, in Guayos, Cuba, Sarai launched two small groups using the Reach Out resource, Getting Started, with the goal of reaching all of the youth in her church. One of the groups did not succeed. She contributes this failure to the cultural problem in her church . . . the youth have a hard time being disciplined to meet up and study. Multiplication continued in the group that “succeeded.” Those that received the lessons are now studying Spending Time Alone with God and are reaching the others that did not continue. They saw multiplication taking place even after an apparent “bumpy” start.

Because . . .

Parents are called to be the primary spiritual influences in their kids’ lives

The Slocum family used the gift of extra time to study God's word using resources from Reach Out Youth Solutions

“If we pour fuel on God’s fire by making disciples of our kids and their friends, we join His ever-expanding combustion of multiplying disciples.”

-Parent Fuel pg 164

Because . . .

Teenage girls need to be rescued

About half of the population of Homa Bay, Kenya is 20 years of age or younger. The lack of employment around Lake Victoria has lured parents in to offering their daughters to fishermen--“FISH FOR SEX” the signs read.

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Because . . .

Ukrainian youth are hungry to share the Gospel

In 2020, a Ukrainian team had students sign up for camp, leaders prepared, and a location secured.  Just a couple of days before camp was to start, the location cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns. The team prayed and within 24 hours they secured a new location.  The Lord provided a camp where teens were encouraged, ministered to, challenged, and SAVED!  God is so good!

Because . . .

US mentors are paving a new paradigm

The Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry strategy, training and resources produce life-change and equip life-changers through Mentors. Leaders of the younger generation—pastors, youth leaders, volunteers, parents and students—gather around a common vision of Jesus and His ministry to discover how to:

  • Go deeper in intimacy with Christ
  • Pray with passion for God’s presence and power
  • Build leaders for in-depth and long-term ministry
  • Disciple students to move toward maturity in Christ
  • Penetrate the culture through relationships
  • Create outreach opportunities to reach students for Christ

Often younger generation ministries operate from the outside in. Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry functions from the inside out, flowing from the core of Jesus’ life, message and ministry. This serious shift redirects vision, re-aligns priorities and provides the practical tools to pursue God’s unique vision for ministry.

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